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Essex 1 year ago
Would love her to blow me and swallow
Mayfield Hts, Oh 8 months ago
Had a next door neighbor 4 doors down who could pass for her twin, if not her sister. She asked me to mow her lawn one hot summer afternoon. After she invited me in for ice-t. She had on a tank top and no bra and a pair of short shorts with no underwear. I got an instant hard on. She handed me the ice-t and put her other hand on my dick and said...that looks like it she unbuttoned my shorts. She sucked me off twice in a row. She said...I bet you didn't think you could do that!
Pete Stonni69 1 year ago
And I can tell, you TRULLY Love to SWALLOW !!, Please teach some of THE LESS MATURE WOMEN OUT HERE HOW TO SWALLOW !!
10 months ago
anyone else notice the lack of sound?
Shavdml 9 months ago
That there is experience awesome job
1 year ago
want to suck it with her then swap the cum
Pete Stonni69 1 year ago
You have some sweet and mature cock sucking lips, Would Love to Blast my Hot and tasty Sweet Jizzume straight down the back of your cum loving throat. Wouldn't Even have to Swallow, it !! And I'm told it's VERY, VERY HOTT !!
Rudy 6 months ago
She sure aint pretty but can suck a cock like no other ugly gal. Her tits have been helped and her husband must have an unending supply of man's milk for her to gulp. I wonder if she sucks off anyone else.
Silverfoxer48 2 months ago
She can suck my cock anytime she's absolutely loving every slurp the cock is impressive too
Silverfoxer48 2 months ago
That's probably the best BJ I've ever seen and the cock was fantastic